Community Service

Community Service is the best source of positive publicity the VFW has. By serving our communities we accomplish seven (7) goals:

  1. We live up to our VFW Constitution
  2. We provide valuable services to many areas of our community
  3. We benefit from a favorable impression of our organization by the community
  4. We attract new members
  5. We satisfy certain IRS requirements from which we benefit
  6. We build pride among our members
  7. It's good for our health, people involved in Community Service are happier people and tend to live longer

We can't conduct our programs without those members who generously contribute their time and talent; conversely if we don't live up to the goals and objectives of our own constitution, we have little reason to exist as an organization. However, the burden of Community Service programs has fallen on the shoulders of the same individuals year after year. I am asking each of you dedicated members who carry the programs to set one additional objective for this year; and that goal is to involve someone NEW in your programs. You will benefit personally by having someone to share the load and you may make a new FRIEND. The VFW benefits by having new and innovative ideas and renewed vitality. The following are examples of different activities that you can report as Community Service. This is not an all inclusive list and as you can see, there are many opportunities for volunteering in your community.


A. Americanism & Cooperation with Other Organizations

  • Organize and assist in fund drives for March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.
  • U.S. Savings bonds
  • Participated in City Parade (be clear as to what was done)
  • Other Cooperation Projects
    • Gave food & money to "hunger program"
    • Gave clothing to Church
    • Sold merchandise for POW/MIA Vietnam Memorial
    • Donation to Meals On Wheels
    • Donation to local Public TV
    • Donated collected eyeglasses to Lions Club
    • Donated to Charity Golf Tournament
    • Participated in Charity Golf Tournament
    • Save Campbell Soup labels for Local School
    • Save pop can tabs for Ronald McDonald House
    • Donation to Prodigal House
    • Worked congregate dining
    • Donated to local Food Shelf
    • Free use of Post Home by other organizations
    • Free use of Post grounds by other organizations
    • Serve on City Community Board
    • Flag Raising (location)(this could also be reported under Americanism - Flag Presentation/Flag Raising)
    • Donation to Shelter for Battered Women
    • Donation to Diabetes Foundation

B. Safety

  • Conduct a CPR class
  • Recycling Program
    • Paper, Cans, Glass, Plastic, Cardboard, or Newspapers
    • Pop Cans and Tabs
    • Aluminum Tabs for Ronald McDonald House (this can also be reported under A. Americanism & Cooperation with Other Organizations)
    • Members Recycle - pick up every two weeks (please state what is recycled)
  • Neighborhood/Highway Beautification
    • Picked up cans & trash on County Highway
    • Make Neighborhood Improvements
  • Members Water & Maintain 8 Flower Tubs in 3 areas of City
  • Monetary donation to Chamber of Commerce for local celebration
  • Weeding of ____________________ Lake
  • Participate in Adopt-A-Highway program
  • Fenced in Park Property
  • Member active in Local Politics, Attending Meetings, etc., which is beneficial to Post Home
  • Helped cut up storm-downed trees in neighborhood
  • Helped with BINGO for Senior Citizen Center
  • Helped with BINGO for Nursing Home
  • Sewing (for Veteran, Senior Citizen, etc.)
  • Other Community Involvement Projects
    • Donated funds to City to build Clock Tower & Plaza
    • Members Donated time to Community Awareness Program
    • Donated funds to County Fair Board
    • Escorting Veterans ... (is a Community Activity as long as they are not VFW Members.)
    • Volunteer Security for (list event)
    • Worked at Fireworks for Community
    • Worked with (name of another local organization) on a Local Fundraiser (this could also be reported under A. Americanism & Cooperation with Other Organizations)
    • Deliver Meals-On-Wheels (this could also be reported under Aid To Others)

C. Aid To Others

  • Senior citizens
    • Transported Nursing Home Residents to local "Block Party"
    • Shopped for Nursing Home Residents
    • Took Senior Citizens Grocery Shopping
    • Took Senior Citizens to the Doctor
    • Took Senior Citizens to Church
    • Volunteered for BINGO at Senior Citizens Center
    • Volunteered for BINGO at Nursing Home
    • Served coffee and cake for Seniors
    • Provided Band for Seniors
    • Purchased BINGO Equipment for Nursing Home
    • Donation to Cancer Research Center
    • Visit with Senior Citizens
    • Lead a Senior Citizen Group every week
    • Donated funds for Senior Citizen Transportation
    • Visit Senior Shut-Ins
    • Volunteer for Senior Social & Dinner
    • Volunteer to clean Seniors Houses
    • Volunteer to cut grass for Seniors
    • Volunteer to help Senior with understanding their bills
    • Volunteer at Nursing Home Picnic
    • Volunteer at Senior Citizen Center Fish Fry
    • Volunteer at Courage Center
    • Donated clothing to Nursing Home
  • Special Needs Individuals
    • Clothing to Group Home Residents
    • Donation to Food Shelf
    • Meals-On-Wheels
    • Donation to Courage Center
    • Volunteer at Courage Center
    • Volunteer time at "New & Used" Shop
    • Volunteer time at Special Olympics Program
    • Volunteer time to Seniors for Auction
    • Served Funeral Luncheon
  • Personal or family tragedy/illness
    • Took food to family whose child was hit and injured in Auto Accident
    • Memorial for (name)
    • Attended Funeral of Community Member
    • Cared for Severely Injured Individual
    • Helped Community Member who had surgery
    • Held Ritual for Non-Member Veteran's
    • Flowers for Community Member Funeral
    • Helped Wheel-Chaired Neighbor
    • Served Seniors Meals
  • Other Aid to Others Projects
    • Helped deliver Crafts made by Handicapped Home
    • Individual Seniors Boat Trip (did you volunteer time?)
    • Seniors Sing Along Volunteers
    • Volunteered time to Curl Hair for Incapacitated Senior
    • Volunteered at Courage Center
    • Donation to (organization name)
    • National Health & Happiness Christmas Cheer Donation
    • Department Hospital/Rehabilitation
    • Donation Cancer Research Building Donation
    • Donation to Hospital Extended Care Unit for Party
    • Serve Coffee and Treats for Patients and Visitors
    • Clothing Donation to Extended Care Facility
    • Food Shelf
    • Receptionist at Senior Care Facility
    • Helped Serve Ice Cream Social at Extended Care Facility
    • Helped Serve Dinner to Homeless
    • Volunteered Time to Help Take Nursing Home Patients to Baseball Game
    • Babysitting for Spouse of Injured Person
    • Grew and Distributed Vegetables to Senior Citizens
    • Donated Time to Carpenter Shop at Extended Care Facility
    • Donated Time to Stress Clinic at Hospital
    • Worked at Blood Bank

D. School and Church Assistance

  • Volunteerism in School
    • Campbell Soup Labels to School for Camera Equipment, for example
    • Donation for Scholarship
    • Worked in School Library
  • Speaker Program in School/Church
  • Veterans in the Classrooms Programs
  • Other School/Church Assistance Projects
    • Helped Deliver Meals-On-Wheels through Church
    • Sewed Quilts with Church Group
    • Assist with Serving and Clean Up of Funeral Lunch at Church
    • Volunteer Office Work at Church
    • Volunteer Communion for Homebound Church Members
    • Volunteer at Game Booth at Church Bazaar

E. Youth Activities

  • Sports Organizations
    • Community or Post Sponsored Youth Athletic Teams
    • Special Olympics
  • Voice of Democracy
  • Youth Essay Contest
  • Other Youth Activities
    • Scouting
    • 4-H
    • National Home
    • Any Youth Oriented Activity

F. Hospital/Blood

  • Donated Blood
  • Worked at Blood Bank