2011 State VFW Cribbage Tournament

The 2011 Minnesota State Cribbage Tournament has been cancelled.

Welcome to the 2011 Minnesota State Cribbage Tournament. This year's tournament will be held at our VFW Post on March 26/27, 2011. You must be a VFW or VFW Auxiliary member in good standing in order to participate. There will be a Registration Fee of $20.00 (must be received by March 19, 2011).

Following are the State Cribbage Rules (also in pdf format for printing). You must complete a Registration Form and mail it with your payment to:
Hebert-Kennedy VFW Post 3979
Attn: Cribbage Tournament
210 Arch Street
Cloquet, MN 55720



All participants must be VFW or VFW Auxiliary members in good standing.


Each player has the right to shuffle before each deaL with the dealer having the right to shuffle last.


The pone (non-dealer) 5 shall not pick up his cards until all cards are dealt. This will help to keep from exposing a card. If a card is exposed while dealing, re-deal. If too many cards are dealt, re-deal [unless the starter card has been turned, then call a judge).


Each player shall place two cards in the Crib. Once they have been placed on the correct side of the table, they cannot be picked up and changed. It is the dealer's responsibility to see that the crib is correct. If all four cards are in the crib and it is discovered to be on the wrong side of the table, they will be moved to the correct side AS IS, unless the starter card has been turned, in that event, call a judge.


When cutting for the starter card you must remove at least four cards and leave no less than four cards. You may not look at the bottom card. There is a penalty if you do.

  1. When a Jack is turned up, the dealer is entitled to two points before he plays his first card.
  2. You may peg out into the game hole by turning a Jack.

Play begins with the turning of the starter card. Once you have played a card and removed your hand from it, the card remains played unless it does not fit for 31. You may not turnover the cards after the first 31 is reached. All cards must be visible to both players.


It is the responsibility of each player to count his own cards and peg them. Once you have removed your fingers from the pegs, the hand (or crib) stands pegged. If you are short you may not go back and correct your pegging. If you have over pegged and your opponent calls you on it, you must move the peg back to the appropriate hole and your opponent is entitled to the number of holes that were over pegged. If you pick up your front peg in error, it becomes your back peg and you must peg forward from there. (You will lose whatever your last count was. Likewise, if you peg backwards you will lose not only the last count, but if your fingers are off the peg you will lose this count to).


A player will receive two (2) for a win, three(3) points for a skunk, zero (0) points for a lose. Record your spread points in the appropriate column. Put a zero in front of any number less than ten (1O) in the plus column.


Mugging will not be played in the tournament.


Qualified judges will help you with any miscellaneous problems that may come up. If you and your partner cannot agree on a situation or if there is any question, CALL A JUDGE. DO NOT attempt to solve them yourselves.


The entry fee will be set by the HOST POST with approval of the Senior Activities Committee or chairman. Recommendation is $20 for all entrants, with an additional $10 for the entrants of the consolation tournament.


Each entrant will play fourteen (14) matches with 25% of the entrants advancing into the Championship Round. The Championship Round will consist of a best 2 of 3 with the winner advancing and the loser done. The other 75% of the entrants have the option to play in the Consolation Round and will play nine (9) matches.


There will be 100% payback after expenses. No entry money can be taken as profit.


The Host Post will furnish to the Senior Activities Chairman a list of ALL participants including the placement of each and the prize winnings, within thirty (30) days of the completion of the tournament.