Malta Cross
Life Membership
As of January 1, 2007
Attained Age Membership Fee
Through 30 $425.00
31 - 40 $410.00
41 - 50 $375.00
51 - 60 $335.00
61 - 70 $290.00
71 - 80 $225.00
81 & over $170.00
Any applicant whose 31st, 41st, 51st, 61st, 71st, or 81st birthday will occur after the date of application and on or before December 31st of the current calendar year shall pay on ly the fee that would be required on his or her next birthday.

Ladies Auxiliary Logo
VFW Auxiliary
Life membership
As of January 1, 2018
Attained Age Membership Fee
Through 20 $253.00
21 - 25 $242.00
26 - 30 $230.00
31 - 35 $219.00
36 - 40 $213.00
41 - 45 $201.00
46 - 50 $193.00
51 - 55 $184.00
56 - 60 $173.00
61 - 65 $161.00
66 - 70 $150.00
71 - 75 $132.00
76 - 80 $109.00
81 - 85 $86.00
86 - 90 $69.00
91 and over $58.00

How To Join The VFW

As yesterday's defenders of freedom we want to welcome today's military service members into our ranks to become part of our elite group. Our common bond is the battlefield, whether it is service in the Persian Gulf, Korea, Kosovo, the war on terrorism or peace-keeping expeditionary campaigns. Your courage and sacrifice have made a difference in preserving and defending world peace.

Become part of the VFW family today so you can make a difference in your community tomorrow. Note: On October 9, 2005, membership eligibility was expanded to include the following:

  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal
  • Iraq Campaign Medal
  • Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon with Gold Border Combat Action Badge
  • SSBN Nuclear Deterrent Patrol Breast Insignia

If your date of service is not listed here, check the eligibility listing to see if you are eligible. Or you can stop by and talk to any active member to find out other ways to be qualified.

If you qualify to join 'The Finest Veterans Service Organization on Planet Earth!' , stop by any VFW and  pick up an application or open and print this application and hand it to any VFW officer along with a payment. Your application will be processed and (if approved), a membership card will be sent to you. Thank you for your continued support and dedication. (adobe acrobat reader required)


National Dues Increase At the 2006 National Convention in Reno, Nevada, the National Organization raised Annual Dues, Life Membership Dues and Member-at-large Dues. Annual Dues are now $35.00. The National increases their portion of the dues effective January 1, 2007. That means the local will receive $1.50 per member. We receive $4.50 per member now. These are the funds that keep our VFW operation going. So, Please pay your annual dues!
Life Membership is another story. Last year we anticipated an increase in the dues but, the increase did not get the full 2/3 vote to pass. This year is a different story. The dues increased by an average of 78%!!!

As you can see, the increase is very substantial. We at the local levels don't seem to have much input in these matters. So with that being said, the membership at VFW 3979 is extending an offer that is very hard to refuse!!
We will offer a $100.00 discount from Current Fees for Life Membership. We can work out payment plans. Contact the Quartermaster and get the paperwork started ASAP.

The National Dues also affected the VFW Auxiliary as well effective January 1, 2007. Not only are the dues going up, the age brackets have changed also.


VFW Member Benefits

The Member Benefits department at the VFW National Headquarters has a new tool and have posted a number of advertisements and articles to assist you in finding member benefits online. It's simple to use and best of all - It's FREE. Just visit and view some of the benefits you are entitled to as a member of 'The Finest Veterans Service Organization on Planet Earth!'. Here are just some of the benefits offered: