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12/28/17 Donald Danielson
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If you know of anyone who is ill or in a Hospital/Nursing Home/Assisted Living who is not on our list, please contact one of the Post Officers and that person will be added to our list. Thank you for your help and support.

Post Bulletins

March - April 2018


Have not received anything from the Commander.

Aaron Johnson


From Junior Vice

Around the Post
We at the Cloquet VFW Post 3979 have been holding raffles for needed programs. We have a monthly basket raffle to raise money for the District.
The President's project's is 23 to 0 Suicide Prevention. This type of raffle raises between $200.00 to $300.00 dollars and is very popular with the local people.
We also have our much larger raffle that runs for two to three months and have much bigger prizes. The funds from these raffle are used to fund donations to Silver Bay Veterans Home, Honor Flight, and Activities for the Veterans.
Our last raffle funded part of the Scooter Program. This type of scooter that can travel on dirt, gravel, or pavement to allow the Veteran more flexibility.
I visit the Silver Bay Veteran Home often and hear of programs being introduced to assist Veterans with Dementia. One program is showing great results.
The program works this way. Different music, (Country, Rock, Classic, any type of music) is downloaded on to an I-Pad and with the aid of a head set, the Veteran is able to listen to the music. The Veteran is monitored to find his choice (type) of music. Once this is established, an I-Pad is downloaded with his type of music. So far it has been found that the Veteran is more relaxed and some what more alert. It was also noted that more than one Veteran has sung a line or verse of the song he was listening to. This program is funded by donations.
The second program using I-Pad's, is to bring family and Veteran together by the use of SKYPE. The family is contacted to set up a time they can be called and the Veteran is given an I-PAD. A contact is made and the Veteran can visit face to face with his family. This seems to have more eye to eye contact and he remembers the visit more. All I-PADS are bought and paid for by donations. There are other programs for the Veterans that need money.
With your help, we can make more things happen for our Veterans.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carl Schenk
Junior Vice Commander


Before I inform everyone of anything else, I would like to congratulate Susan Chasse for winning 2nd place with her poppy display at Mid-winter Conference.  It was a beautiful display, to say the least.  Susan's talents always amaze me.  Congratulations!!
Our "Valentine's Tea" was an enjoyable event.  We had a great lunch brought in by Rick White followed by Valentine's Bingo.   I would like to say thank you to Sandy Franke, Stacy Ziell, and Lil LaVoy for coordinating the event.
I would also like to  acknowledge Sandy Franke and all the ladies involved in the sewing group for their dedicated efforts with all the projects and paying particular attention to our Veteran's in Silver Bay.  Another thank you goes to our dedicated hospital chairperson, Alma Ojala. 
We just had our District 8 meeting in Grand Rapids on Sunday, February 18.  The weather played against us so attendance was down.  Thank you to the Grand Rapids Post and Auxiliary for hosting the event.
A couple of items I need to mention.  First, we could still use volunteers for preparing and serving the lunch for Bingo on Monday evenings.   One Monday a month would be very helpful.  Secondly, if you did not pay your dues by 12/31/2017 you are not a member in good standing.  Please pay your dues as soon as possible and also consider becoming a life member.  Lastly, April is election of officers.  I will be speaking of this in great detail at our March meeting.  Please consider becoming involved. Thank you to all that have supported my project of Operation 23 to zero by purchasing chances for the baskets. 

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Slater,
VFW Auxiliary 3979 President;
District 8 Auxiliary President

Greetings from the VFW Auxiliary “Sewing Machines”
We had a great year in 2017 with all of the goodies we made for our Veterans.
Along with the sewing and crocheting we did for the Veterans, we helped the Auxiliary tie fleece blankets to send to deployed soldiers. We also brought Patriotic Cupcakes to all our Veterans in nursing homes and this month we just delivered Valentines to all of the Veterans at Silver Bay Veterans Home and also Sunnyside and Interfaith.
We will continue to work on all of our projects the Veterans need. We are always accepting donations of fabric, quilt batting and backing. Also we can use yarn and buttons, beads, zippers and small “Doo-Dads” to sew on the Twiddle Muffs we make for Dementia Patients.
Thank you so much for your generosity in donating these thing to us. And a special Thank You to these ladies who come every Monday to help sew and make Quilts, Lap Robes, etc.
Also Thanks so much to Lil, Carl and Damion who always have the door open for us and helping to get our stuff out to work on. Come and join us Mondays at 12:00.
If you have any questions, please call.

Sewing Chairperson
Sandy Franke

Treasurers Notes
Life members, please remember to send in your payment of $5.00 for your cancer insurance Annual members, Please send in your payment of $25.00 for a 1 year membership. Consider a one time fee for a life membership.

Lil LaVoy
Auxiliary Treasurer

Age Life Membership Fee
Thru 20 $253
21-25 242
26-30 230
31-35 219
36-40 213
41-45 201
46-50 193
51-55 184
56-60 173
61-65 161
66-70 150
71-75 132
76-80 109
81-85 86
86-90 69
91+ 58

Lil LaVoy
Auxiliary Treasurer

Veterans and Family Support News
Have not received anything from Veterans and Family Support

Stacy Ziells


Have not received anything from QuarterMaster/Adjutant

Respectfully submitted,
Troy Smith
Quartermaster /Adjutant


Duane J. Brownie
Carlton County Veterans Service Officer
14 N 11th St; Ste 120
Cloquet MN 55720
(218) 499-6838 Phone
(218) 878-3294 Fax

***Please note that I get high volumes of email and if you are looking for a quicker response you can contact our main office phone number and talk with my staff to answer any VA questions that you may have.***

Duane J. Brownie
Carlton County Veterans Service Officer
14 N 11th St; Ste 120
Cloquet MN 55720
(218) 499-6838 Phone
(218) 878-3294 Fax


Thanks for all you do for Veterans!
Richard Chasse Sr.
[email protected]